Bombay Island Coffee Company is a specialty coffee Roastery born out of boundless passion for coffee, bringing its harmonious multi-sensorial atmosphere directly from the farm to your cup.

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Roasting the beans is the most important part of the coffee journey. Roasting brings out the aroma and avour that is locked inside the green coffee beans. Whether you’re pulling a shot of espresso, crafting a pour over, using your favourite press or even just brewing a drip pot, having freshly roasted coffee is step one!


The perfect roast is a personal choice and therefore we offer customization for roast. You can choose your roast style as your pallet or ask our experts to help you out with the taste you desire.

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At Bombay Island, we always make sure you get the freshest beans, and so we roast to order. We roast our coffee in small batches so that we can take care of every single bean. We do prole roasting on our top of the line roaster PROBAT- a 150 year old german brand machine, to ensure consistency and removing any room for error.


We organize a roastery tour at Bombay Island to make you experience the coffee journey from crop to cup. You can grab a stool at our coffee experience bar, and watch your coffee come to life

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