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Bombay Island Coffee Company (A unit of Rigmor Coffee Roasters) is an artisanal Coffee Company  born out of boundless passion for coffee founded by Rupal & Vineet Jain with a mission to provide high quality coffee to all coffee lovers across the globe through our cafes and online supplies.  We are part by the Third Wave Coffee Movement which has redefined the ideas around sourcing, roasting & brewing coffee. We source the finest quality coffee beans and custom roast them on our beautiful roaster especially for you.

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Our coffees are proudly grown in India reflecting our tradition, nature and the story of our culture. We source coffees from award winning estates of chikmagalur, karnataka. We roast our coffees in small batches in our micro-roaster probat. Our craft roasted coffee will indulge you in the essence of Indian soil, so that you can enjoy the aromatic experience of the Indian beans with each sip. Carving the niche of every individual, we recreate the ideal bean to cup stories, leaving a sense of cultural mystery in the air.

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We are dedicated to provide you a unique & enriching experience in your cup of black gold that satisfies your soul. In the entire journey from crop to cup we believe in maintaining keen focus on standards & excellence. Our methods for selection of green beans and technology for roasting them makes our coffee one of its kind. We follow the standards set by specialty coffee association in every stage of coffee making.

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We believe in a sustainable environment. We support environment friendly practices that our country's coffee planters have persisted with over time. We respect the land, the farmers & every person who has contributed along the way. Bombay Island Coffee Company (A unit of Rigmor Coffee Roasters) has made a commitment to a higher standard of quality from seed to cup & a commitment to higher standard of living for our valuable consumers.

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