Pour Over Essentials Brewing Gift Set

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Gift your loved one an exceptional pour-over coffee experience. The Pour Over Essentials Brewing Set includes - 

  • V60 Pour Over Dripper (by Hario) - A classic choice for brewing and enjoying pour-over coffee.

    • Pour Over Brewing Guide - Step-by-step guide to brewing the perfect cup of coffee using the Pour Over method.

  • Assorted Pack of 3 Coffees (75 gm each) - We've handpicked the finest of our medium, medium-dark, and dark-roast coffees for this. Roasted for V60 Pour Over grind size.

    • Medium Roast - Thogarihunkal Single Estate - Citrus, Orange Blossom & Candy
    • Medium Dark - Espresso Blend - Cocoa, Caramel & Nut
    • Dark Roast - Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold - Spice, Dark Chocolate & Nuts

      Note: Want a different coffee from the ones listed above? Please mention in the name in order notes and we'll customize this accordingly. 
  • Gift Box - The coffee and V60 dripper arrive bundled in our curated gift box and will make your loved one's eyes light up. 

  • Gift Card - Choose from seasoned greetings of a birthday, anniversary, or Rakshabandhan. Please mention the occasion while placing the order.


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Why Try Bombay Island?

100% Arabica coffee beans, sourced from select estates in Chikmagalur.
Freshly roasted in small-batches for consistent taste every time
Delivered to your doorstep. Order for Rs. 500+ and get free shipping.
Preferred by artisanal coffee drinkers; easy for new drinkers to try.

Choice of Coffee Lovers

  • ★★★★★
    Absolutely love Bombay Island. Ordered 5+ packs, all amazing. I have officially become a fan of the Bombay Island Coffee Company. Have ordered 5+ packs and gonna order all of the packs they make. Nothing beats quality for the price they asking.
  • ★★★★★
    Premium quality coffee on par with the likes of Blue Tokai! Amazing quality. I am a regular consumer of the premium coffees out there (bluetokai, flying squirrel) but I’d definitely use this as a daily driver. The grind also suited my French press very well. Specially for the price, this coffee occupies a high place in my list of recommendations for anyone looking for premium quality coffee.
  • ★★★★★
    My new favourite coffee, and I've tried many! I use their Dark Roast coffee in Aeropress grind in a coffeemaker and there isn't the slightest hint of a burnt or acidic taste, which I was getting with other brands. Very nice and smooth if you drink it plain. If you're on the fence, try their sampler pack. All three kinds in it were great. I just wish they had more varieties in the sampler packs so I could try all their coffees! Until then I'm sticking with this one. If you like a lighter coffee their Bynemara (medium dark roast) is also excellent. I'm surprised they don't seem to be that well known. I find their ground coffee much better than Starbucks, Blue Tokai, or Lavazza.
  • ★★★★★
    I don't know as much as I'd like to about brewing coffee but I can definitely say this coffee powder produces fantastic coffee. So much so that I bought my dad a bag the very next day.
  • Ashish Singh
  • Amazon Customer
  • Zippy
  • Sharad