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Holistic Solutions:

We provide end to end solutions to suit all your coffee needs. We wholesale freshly roasted coffee beans for your café, restaurant, and office needs.

We can create customized blends as per your café requirements. 

We provide adequate training & support to all our wholesale clients. We recommend & provide appropriate machines, tools, accessories, and equipments for your coffee setup.

As of today, we're preferred partners for 150+ big and small cafes and hospitality businesses across India.

Corporate Vending Solutions:

Our corporate vending solutions ensure the best bean-to-cup experience. Pamper your guests and employees with a coffee treat everyday. Take the time out for a few minutes of relaxation, catch a chat with colleagues, replenish the energy levels, so that they are ready to start again.

HORECA Vending Solutions:

With our HORECA Vending Solutions - Let the world embark upon an aromatic journey to fresh flavors when they visit your place. Indulge your customers in era of a cherished coffee experience that will leave them in a need of wanting it more and more.

Why Choose Us for Your Wholesale Coffee Requirements?

  1. Reliable Supply - We source and supply high-quality premium coffee beans from handpicked estates in Chikmagalur.

  2. Consistent Taste - Our small-batch roasting process ensures consistent taste and aroma every single time.

  3. Value for Money - The finest Artisanal Coffee of India isn't the most expensive. Our 100% Arabica Coffee beans sell for ₹1,600 per kg. Compared to other players, we can offer competitive pricing after assessing your requirement.

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