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For the Medium-Dark roast coffee lovers, here's a handpicked collection of our finest 100% Arabica coffees. 

Every Medium-Dark Taster Pack contains 4 packs of 75 gms each of:

  • Bynemara Estate - A Specialty-grade Single Estate coffee from the famed Bynemara Estate in Chikmagalur. The Bynemara Estate carries taste notes of Toffee, Chocolate, and Nuts, with a rich texture & aroma to boot.

  • Immersion Blend - True to its name, the Immersion blend is a delight to have especially when brewed through Immersion techniques such as French Press, Aeropress, South Indian Filter, etc. Try this for a strong and balanced coffee with Dark Cocoa, Earthy, and Oaky flavour notes.
  • Espresso Blend - Perfect for preparing espresso-based drinks such as Latte, Cappuccino, Ristretto, Americano, etc. Featuring flavour notes of Cocoa, Caramel, and Nut, this is perfect for brewing with Espresso machines, Moka Pot, and South Indian Filter, and works equally well with other methods as well.

  • Cold Brew Blend - The Cold Brew blend is a favourite for Cold Brew lovers. Featuring taste notes of Cocoa & Berry, a Cold Brew coffee is perfect for any time of the day.  

Try this range if you are looking for great medium-dark roast coffees.