How to Make Fresh Coffee at Home

Brew Authentic Specialty Coffee in the comfort of your home

 There is nothing quite as satisfying as a well-prepared cup of coffee. When done right, it is like a symphony for all your senses.

 Whatever the flow, a good coffee is all that you need to start your day on the right note.

 While cafes are great ways to spend time, it’s not always practical to head out. If you master the art of making a great cup of coffee at home, then you will have one life skill that could be used to enhance your life.

 Now, you may be thinking, “well I’d love to have a nice cup of freshley Brewed coffee at home, but alas, I don’t own any equipment.”

 Fear not! This is exactly why we’re here. At Bombay Island, we want you to be able to whip up a great cup of coffee like it was your natural instinct.

 So, repeat after us…

 Making Speciality Coffee at Home is Easier than Chai


 Channi, Sieve or Strainer Coffee Recipe


  • 1 cup Boiling Water
  • 3 tablespoons of coarse Coffee Grounds
  • steel jar/container with a lid/cover
  • spoon
  • Coffee cup
  • Strainer/sieve/channi


 Step 1 Take the jar and add 3 tablespoon of Coffee grounds to it. Coffee grounds should be as coarse as for a french press coffee.

Step 2 Add 1 cup boiling water to the coffee grounds

Step 3 Stir the mixture softly with spoon.

Step 4 cover the jar and let it brew for 4 minutes

Step 5  After 4 minutes place the sieve on the coffee cup and pour the coffee through it.

 Congratulations, you just made a delicious cup of freshly roasted coffee from the comfort of your home.

Note: You may change the ratio of coffee and water based on your taste. Also you can reduce the brewing time if you find your coffee bitter. It may take a few rounds, but you’ll love the process of finding your sweet spot. 


Written by Rupal Jain

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