Speciality coffee is taking over the world. Everywhere you look, there seems to be a different coffee shop, serving up something or the other that seems new.

At Bombay Island Coffee Company, we are thrilled to be a part of this third wave of coffee. This term 'third wave' references a more artisanal way of serving coffee.

What is Single Origin Coffee?

Also known as single estate, single origin coffee means that your coffee comes from a single area. Good coffee comes from well-maintained farms. The greater the care that is put into harvesting the coffee, the better the aroma in your morning cup of joe. A coffee labelled as single origin usually comes from a single area. At Bombay Island, our coffee is sourced from single estates across the rich coffee growing regions of India.

 Single Estate Delivers Distinct flavours

A single estate of coffee is like a signature of that area's soil. You're literally paying homage to the Earth by sourcing a coffee only from a single region. The rarest kind is sourced from small family farms. The coffee is nurtured based on the rainfall, elevation and soil type. It is then processed meticulously so that it develops to its fullest flavours when it undergoes roasting.

 Single Origin Coffee Means More Money to the Farmer

In terms of business, single origin coffee rewards the local coffee farmer or an entire region of coffee farmers. Single origin coffee often demands a higher rate due to its smaller quantity.

 Why is Single Origin Coffee Trending in India

India is the world's fifth largest exporter of coffee. But most of that trade is commoditized. Today, thanks to some major coffee influencers and social media, Indian consumers have become savvy to single estate coffee. Café culture has added new knowledge about speciality coffee, which is driving more consumers like you to purchase coffee online for use in the home.

 Today's Indian consumer is also savvy to the numerous ways of coffee preparation at home. From manual methods such as the pourover to semi-automatic espresso machines, today's Indian coffee drinker is seekiing out microroasted and batch roasted single origin coffee, and with good reason.




Written by Rupal Jain

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